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This guide is designed for students interested in the Research of peoples of Africa and African descent in undergraduate and graduate courses taught at Lamar University.

 Students will find information on:

 how to locate books in the library and via our e-books collections

 how to find scholarly journal articles via the subscription databases

 reference sources available in the library and on the world wide web

 who to contact if they need assistance on their research projects.

Searching the Catalog

narrow your topic is, use different searches for better results. Choose the different searches from the pull-down list beside the search box.


  • Use subject for broad topics such as gun control or inorganic chemistry. A subject search produces a list of subject headings and subheadings. You can use the previous and next buttons to browse up and down the list of headings.

Subject keyword

  • Use subject keyword to search for one or two terms—especially if one term is geographical or historical—such as gun control europe or 17th century literature. A subject keyword search matches your terms against subject headings and sub-headings.


  • Use keyword to search for topics with several search terms or those that overlap subject areas.

The subject searches focus on subject headings. Keyword matches terms against titles, authors, subjects, table of contents, and other information. Keyword is looser than the subject searches but it will work for terms not found in the subject headings.

You can also use operators with the keyword search.

If a book has online in the call number and electronic resource noted in the title, it is an e-book. Each e-book has a URL link near the right side of the screen. That link will take you to the e-book.

E-books are duplications of printed books, so the content is consistent page-by-page with the print edition.

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