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Music Research: Finding Books

A guide to finding information about music!

Gray Library Catalog

Click here to search for books available at our library.  Some of these are online books that you can read and search.  A new feature is downloading them to your ereader.

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Music

The books about music are located on the 4th floor.  The three major breakdowns are highlighted:

M - music scores & recordings

ML - Literature on music

  ML1-3930  Literature on music

     ML100-109  Dictionaries. Encyclopedias

     ML159-3785  History and criticism 

         ML159-161  General works 

         ML162-197  By period 

         ML198-360.6  By region or country 

         ML385-429  Biography 

         ML430-458  Composition and performance 

         ML459-1380  Instruments and instrumental music 

         ML1400-3275  Vocal music 

         ML3300-3351  Program music 

         ML3400-3465  Dance music 

         ML3469-3541  Popular music 

         ML3544-3776  Folk, national, and ethnic music 

         ML3780  Music on particular topics 

         ML3785  Musical journalism

     ML3797-3799.5  Musical research 

     ML3800-3923  Philosophical and societal aspects of music.

         ML3800  General works 

         ML3805-3817  Physics and acoustics 

         ML3820  Physiological aspects of music 

         ML3830-3840  Psychology 

         ML3845-3877  Aesthetics 

         ML3880-3915  Criticism 

         ML3916-3918  Social and political aspects of music 

         ML3919-3920  Moral influence of music.  Therapeutic use of music 

         ML3921-3921.8  Religious aspects of music 

         ML3922  Music in the workplace 

MT - Music instruction and study

Coordinator of Reference Services

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