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PSYC 2270: Learning & Study Skills: Policies

Cell Phones

Cell phones and pagers should be silenced while in the library. Calls can be taken in the first floor lobby.

Personal audio equipment is allowed if it cannot be heard by anyone else.


    Students will be able to print 1,000 black/white pages free of charge per semester.

    For more information on how to print in the library Click here


    Photocopiers are available on the first and second floors. Copies are ten cents a page. A change machine is available on the second floor.

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    Borrowing Books

    Your Lamar ID card serves as your library card, too.  Undergraduates may check out up to 50 books at a time. The check-out period is three weeks. Book drops are available at the front of the library, behind the library in a drive-through lane, and at the Circulation Desk on the first floor. Fines (25 cents per book) for overdue books are handled at the Circulation Desk.

    Your Library Account

    You may access your library account via the library’s web site. Your ID number is your student number. Your PIN is your six-digit birthday: MMDDYY

    You can renew books online via “My Account” before they are due and if no one has requested them.

    Lab Policy

    Food and Drinks

    Eating is not allowed in the library

    Drinks are not allowed in the Media Lab or around any computers or electronic equipment in the library. In other areas, drinks are allowed if kept in covered containers.

    Smoking and tobacco

    Smoking and use of tobacco are not allowed in the library.


    Children under the age of sixteen must be directly supervised at all times by a parent or legal guardian while in the library. Persons sixteen or older may be asked for identification as proof of age.

    Scanning/Fax/Color prints

    Scanning/Fax/Color Printouts services are offered at the computer desk in the reference area. Pre-pay at the Circulation desk for all services.

    Price List for services

    Color Print                     $1.50 per page                Fax (local)          $1.00 per page

    Scan                             $1.00 per page                Fax received        $1.00 per page

    Fax (long distance)         $2.00 per page               Print Cards        $10.00 for 200 prints


    The stack floors (third through sixth) are un-staffed areas.  Telephones are located at the computer station near the elevators.  The normal phone connects directly to reference assistance. The red emergency phones connect directly to campus police.