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Prijedor: Lives from the Bosnian Genocide: Bosnian Genocide Resources

This guide will provide resources for some more information on the library exhibit Prijedor: Lives from the Bosnian Genocide running April 2-30, 2015

Safe Havens Part 1

In April 1993, the United Nations declared the besieged enclave of Srebrenica a safe area under UN protection. In spite of its status the town was surrounded and fell to the Bosnian Serb army in July, 1995. What followed was the worst crime on European soil since World War II. Eight thousand people—mostly men and boys—were massacred, while women, children, and the elderly were forced to leave their homes and were sent to Tuzla. This episode examines the fall of the town and whether UN officials were complicit in the slaughter and displacement of thousands of innocent civilians. Part of the series Rights & Wrongs: Human Rights Television. 

Books on the Bosnian Genocide