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Psychology: Testing Sources

Testing Sources

*Mental Measurements Yearbook (Buros)                                                 REF Z5814.P8 B932

These yearbooks list and evaluate educational, psychological, and vocational tests. Test reviews are written by authorities on testing. Gray Library holdings start with 1938 - current.


*Tests in Print                                                                                                 REF LB3051 .T44

Gray Library has the first edition to the present.

* The index of both of these titles can be searched online at

(They are also kept on a book truck located by the Reference Collection)


Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures                      REF BF 431 . G625

 A directory of unpublished tests collected by the American Psychological Association, coverage is from 1996 to the present.


Handbook of Intelligence: Theories, Measurements, and Applications. BF 431 H3187 1985

This handbook covers theories, and conceptual issues related to intelligence. It also provides descriptions of various measurements and their applications.


Handbook of Tests and Measurement in Education and the Social Sciences. 2nd edition.

                                                                                    REF LB 3051 .L4543 2000 & FWB 1997

This anthology contains bibliographic references and summary information for over 120 instruments, arranged under 36 topic headings, but does not include instruments that focus exclusively on personality or psychology. The book also includes the actual instrument or samples from the tests. Author and title indexes are included.


Major Psychological Assessment Instruments                                BF 176 .M35 1996


Test Critiques                                                                                    REF BF 176 .T419 v.1-5

This source describes and reviews frequently-used psychological, educational, and business tests. A list of references follows each entry.


Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education and Business                            

REF BF 176 .T43 2003

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