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Rational. Explains the need for study supported by the research.

The focus of the 15th Annual Futurism Symposium is to examine the subject of Health Care and investigate many of the challenging issues we face in our ever changing world. The subject of Health Care has definitely been a topic of much discussion.  An array of Health Care related issues will play an important role in national and global health care policy initiatives in the future.  The student body of the Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities will examine some of these Health Care topics, establish findings and providing implications for future study.   The issues examined will be the Economics of Health Care, Ethical Issue of Health Care, Patient Privacy, Technological Advances, Veterans Services, Mental Health, the Affordable Care Act, and International Health Care –response to global disease.  As students provide evidence of current trends associated with these topics, they will present possible solutions for these very complex areas of interests. As future leaders, our students seek to contribute to our world by suggesting solutions to complex problems.  Often, when solutions are needed we depend greatly on academic research to provide proper response and intervention in Health Care. 

Research Question: Main research question clearly stated.

What are the challenges of Health Care in our current society (as related to the above topics) and future implications of study?

Overview. Frame the Study.

Provide a brief overview of the argument which frames your study, i.e. sources that postulates the issue on both sides of the topic.  

Literature Review. Indicate sources that support your study.

Current research articles, journals, books, (no older than four years old) from accepted sources that are considered standard in the field.  Seminal research is accepted as long as it is clearly defined as such and has validity to your current research topic. 

Methodology.  Plan

What will be your process to answer the research question?  How might you go about convincing others?

Contribution.  Discussion

How does your study contribute to the field of leadership in the humanities?  Why is it important to examine?