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Printing at the Mary & John Gray Library


This page provides suggestions for printing documents in the various programs found in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc). 

This page doesn’t cover every Microsoft Office program, but all the programs use a similar interface.  Also, this guide covers Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows, other versions of Microsoft Office will look different, but typically will have many of the options illustrated here.

Tips for Printing in Word

To print a document in Word, open the document you wish to print, select File from the top menu and then select Print.  This will open the print interface where you can enter in the number of copies you wish to print, the desired print rage and other options.  For double sided printing, choose the Print on Both Sides (Long Edge) option which can be found under the “Print only one sided” button:

To print multiples pages per sheet, select the desired amount found under the “1 page per sheet” button:

Print Preview

In Office 2010 a preview of what you will print automatically appears on the right hand side of the print interface.  In other versions of Office, you can see a preview of what your printout will look like by selecting Print Preview under the print options.  Use print preview often before printing.  If the preview doesn’t look right you can make adjustments before sending it to the print queue.