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Printing at the Mary & John Gray Library

Print What You Like


 If you are printing web pages Print What You Like offers a useful tool to help you choose only the items from the web page that you wish to print.  It will help you eliminate unwanted ads, banners, etc. before printing and save you a lot of paper.

Printing PDF Files (Adobe Acrobat)

To print a PDF file from Adobe Acrobat, click the printer icon found in the adobe tool bar or click File then Print.  You can adjust your print range from the print box to select specific pages to print, the current page or the entire document.

For online PDF files make sure you use the printer icon in the Adobe toolbar.  The File>Print option won’t work for online PDF files, because it will print the web page not the PDF file.

Printing Web Pages

To print a web page that you are viewing in most popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc) go to File, the select Print and click OK.

To only print a certain portion of the web page highlight the section you wish to print with your mouse and from the print options click Selection under Print Range.

Many Internet Browsers follow this basic print format but may have some variations.  If you have tips for printing in other browsers, please share them in the comments below so that other users can benefit from your knowledge.

Tips for Printing Web Pages

Do not assume the page will print as it appears on the screen.  Depending on how the page was designed it could print differently then it appears.  Always use Print Preview to take a look at how the page will print before you send it to the printer.

When using Print Preview be aware of the estimated number of pages.  Web pages can often be very long to print even if they don’t appear so on the screen.  Be sure to select only the area of the web page you wish to print before sending it to the printer.

Be on the lookout for Printer Friendly version of the web page.  These can often be identified by a printer icon somewhere within the web page or within the Share options found on the web page.

Printing Articles from Databases

If the database provides a printer icon within the full text HTML article to print, use that icon.  Otherwise, follow the print options for your web browser.

For PDF articles, click on the printer icon found in the PDF toolbar.

When printing a full text article, we recommend choosing the PDF option whenever available.  PDF articles are exact copies of the original print version of the article and are the easiest to cite in your papers. 

Whenever possible read the abstract of an article before printing.  This is a short summary of the article and can help you decide whether it will be worth using for your research.