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Printing at the Mary & John Gray Library

Saving to a Personal Storage Device

Saving a file to your Personal Computer or a Personal Storage Device like a flash drive will allow you to access the full document without printing it out.

 You can save most files from a web browser or PDF reader by choosing the save as option or icon in the browser or reader. 

Most of our research databases allow you to save the full text and citation of the article.

Remember:  Don’t save files you want to keep to any of the computer s in the library.  They will be deleted as soon as you log off!  Save them to your flash drive instead.

Alternatives to Printing in Library Databases

Alternatives to Printing Articles in Library Databases

Most of our databases offer several alternatives to printing.  Look for these options when in our databases:

1.  Email the article to yourself from the database

2.  Save the article from the database to your personal computer or personal storage device.

3.  Save the article to your Refworks account

Refworks is a library tool create to format bibliographies but you can also use it to hold articles for your research.  For most databases this can be found in the “export to” options. 

4.  Save the article to a Personal Account in the database

Many databases allow you to create a personal account.  Personal accounts allow you to save search preferences, your search history and even articles.  Personal accounts are free to create and can usually be accessed in the upper corner of the database.

Check these links for examples of printing alternatives in some of our most popular databases:


Ebscohost (Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, CINAHL, ERIC, etc.)

FirstSearch (ArticleFirst, ECO, PapersFirst, Proceedings, etc.)


Emailing Files

Instead of printing files try emailing them to yourself.  Most of the library’s databases offer an option to directly email the full text and citation of articles allowing you to save or print the file later. 

Save Websites & Articles Online

An alternative to printing large websites or online articles are to save them into a personal social bookmarking site.  Sites like Delicious, Citeulike and Zotero (Firefox only) allow you to save and organize direct links to the online files and websites you are interested in.  Cloud Storage devices like Dropbox allow you to save  whole files online so that you can access them anywhere you have web access.