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Printing at the Mary & John Gray Library

Campus Printing Intro

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is a web-based print management system that will help Lamar University be more cost efficient in the area of printing in open labs. Students with an active LEA account can print with PaperCut.  When you login to the computer you will see a window in the upper right screen showing your current quota:

Accessing Your PaperCut Account

How do I monitor my account information?

To Access your PaperCut account, click the Details link on the PaperCut Balance dialog window. 

Students will be able to print 1000 pages per semester free of charge.  Student print quotas are set at the beginning of each term (Fall, Spring, Summer).  Each page printed subtracts 1 page from your quota.  Print quotas are reset after the last day of exams each semester.  Color printing is not available at this time.

You will be directed to login to PaperCut with your LEA login credentials

Once inside, you can view a summary of your account showing balance information, a total count of print jobs sent and total pages printed.

The Activity graph will reflect a user’s balance during a 16 day period.

The Environmental Impact chart lists how an individual user’s printing patterns effect the environment.

Printing with PaperCut

How do I print?

1.  At your computer, submit the print job as you normally would.  You will see a notice pop up indicating your print job is ready to be released. 

2.  For the document(s) to print, you will have to go to the Print Release Station.  Print Release Stations are located near the printer in labs across campus.

3.  At the Print Release Station login with your LEA credentials and click OK.

4.  Once you have logged in, select your job(s) and click the Print link.

5.  Your document(s) will print out and the number of pages will be subtracted from your print quota.