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Printing at the Mary & John Gray Library

Adding to Your Quota

Adding to your Quota:

What do I do when my print quota runs out?

To add to your print quota:

1.  Go to the Library Circulation Desk to purchase a PaperCut card.  Each card cost $10 for 200 pages of additional printing.  NOTE:  The circulation desk only accepts cash.  Debit and credit cards are not accepted at this time.  Please be aware that your current quota expires and resets at the end of each semester.  Any pages left in your quota, including those purchased will be lost if not used by the end of the semester. 

2.  After purchasing a PaperCut card, log in to your PaperCut account (select Details in the dialog box to log in).

3.  Once you are logged in, select the Redeem Card link.

4.  Enter the card information from the receipt given to you by the Library Circulation Desk staff into the box and click Redeem Card.

5.  Verify the transaction by selecting the Transaction History link.


6.  If the printout is of poor quality, visit the IT service desk on the first floor of the library

7To receive a refund, contact the LU service desk at the 7th floor Computer Lab Mary & John Gray Library or by phone at (409) 880-2222. 


What do I do if there is a problem with my printing?

At this time any refund requests are being handled by the LU Service Desk.  They can be found in The Mary & John Gray Library, 7th Floor Computer Lab or contacted by phone at (409)880-2222.  If you feel your quota was incorrectly charged, please contact the service desk for assistance.

If a print job was canceled or there was an error at the printer and your job did not print out your account will not be charged.  Once again, if you notice an error in your transaction history, contact the LU service desk.

If the printout is of poor quality, please contact the library circulation desk or lab administrator.

If you have questions on the most ecnomoical way to print a file, refer to the rest of this guide or contact a librarian for assistance.

Transferring Your Quota

Can I give some of my quota to another student?

Students can donate some of their personal quota to other students to help with group projects or other situations.

1.  Log in to your PaperCut account (select Details in the dialog box to log in).

2.  Once you are logged in select the Transfers link

3.  Enter the Amount of pages you want to transfer out of your account and into another user’s account.

4.  Enter the other student’s LEA User Name (you may include a comment if you wish).

5.  Click the Transfer button.   You can verify the transfer went through by clicking the Transaction History link on the left hand side.