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Printing at the Mary & John Gray Library

Printing Full PowerPoint Slides

Printing full Power Point slides typically slows the print system down and creates a backlog of other print jobs.  We strongly encourage you to print slides as a Handout whenever possible, it will print out much faster and save you paper.

 If you have to print a full slide individually, be sure to adjust the Color/Grayscale option in your Power Point print settings.  Choose Pure Black and White to make the text of the slides black and the backgrounds white.  This will make your printouts easier to read and save on ink.

Print Preview

In Office 2010 a preview of what you will print automatically appears on the right hand side of the print interface.  In other versions of Office, you can see a preview of what your printout will look like by selecting Print Preview under the print options.  Use print preview often before printing.  If the preview doesn’t look right you can make adjustments before sending it to the print queue.

Tips for Printing in PowerPoint

The same options found in Word for selecting the number of copies, print range and double sided printing can be found in Power Point.  In addition, you can save a lot of paper by printing the Power Point presentation as a Handout instead of individual slides.  This will print multiple slides per page.  You can select this through the Print Layout button on the print screen.  Six slides per page is the recommended setting for handouts.

Printing Online PowerPoint Files

When trying to print a Power Point presentation from an online source, save the file and open it in Power Point on your workstation.  Then Print it from Power Point.