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German Language and Literature: Finding German Language Books

Subject Headings

Books are organized in Library of Congress (LC) number order.

DD 1-905: History of Germany (3rd Floor)

DD 21.5-43 Description and Travel (3rd Floor)

DD 201-257.4 19th and 20th Century German History (3rd Floor)

PD 1-7159 German Language (4th Floor)

PT 1-4897 German Literature (4th Floor)

PT 1-80 German Literary History and Criticism (4th Floor)

PT 1100-1479 German Literature Collections (4th Floor)

PT 1501-2688 Individual German Authors or Works (4th Floor)

German Language Literature

Finding German Books at the Mary & John Gray Library

Most German language books are found in the PT1-PT4897 call numbers on the 4th floor of The Mary & John Gray Library.

Use a subject keyword search to find books about the literature of a German Speaking country.  These are normally listed under the name of the country (written as an adjective), then specified by era.  

Example: German Poetry 18th Century

Often the subheading "History and Criticism" is added for books that are primarily literary criticism. 

ExampleAustrian Literature History And Criticism

Literary criticism of a specific author is usually listed under the author's name as a subject, followed by the subheading "Criticism and interpretation"

Example:  Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832 Criticism And Interpretation

How to Find Books 1 - Basic Searches


The online catalog includes many e-books. To access library e-books from off-campus, choose one of the e-book databases and log in with your LEA user-name and password:

eBooks on Ebscohost


Finding and Accessing Ebooks

German History and Culture