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ENGL 1301 - Comp 1 - Argumentative/Persuasive Research



Do you need to write a persuasive or argumentative paper on a controversial topic?  Then this is the guide for you!

An argumentative paper is more than just taking a stand on a particular issue.  You need to carefully choose a topic, be aware of the general background information on the topic, the different viewpoints on the issue and be able to support your stance with quality information.  This guide will show you how to do all these things.

Stacks Directory

A - JZ   3rd Floor
K - QD 1.C57   4th Floor
QD 1.C58 - Z    5th Floor

Location Directory

Department             Floor

Reference                 1st
Reserves                   1st
Documents                2nd
Computer Lab            7th
Media Services           7th
Special Collections      7th

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