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HIST 4307/5307 - American Presidency

A historical study of the presidency from George Washington to the present, including constitutional, domestic and foreign policies. Library resources on the Presidents and First Ladies of the United States

Presidential Papers


These sets contain brief biographies of each President and the speeches, messages, and proclamations made during their administrations.  The two series contain the administrations beginning with George Washington and ending with Herbert Hoover. 

 A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents 1789-1897

v.1-8                                                                                                   STACKS J 81 .B96

v.1-10                                                                                                 DOCS REF J 81 .B96

A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents 1789-1932

 v.1-20                                                                                                 DOCS  Y 4.P 93/1/3/v.1-20

 Presidents (in order by Administration)

 The resources listed in this section vary. 

 The sets located in the STACKS were printed by private publishers and may contain personal papers. 

 Presidents’ Papers series  

This microfilm series contains copies of the manuscript holdings of presidential papers located at the Library of Congress.  These holdings contain correspondence, personal papers and other documents related to the presidents.  This series is located in DOCS MICROFILM LC 4.7: see DOCS REF LC 4.7: for the index to each series.

Presidents' Papers Index Series

Published by the Library of Congress to accompany the microfilm series.  Each index contains the Provenance, a selected bibliography, a reel list, the index, and appendices.  This series is located at DOCS REF LC 4.7:

Cumulated Indexes to the Public Papers of the Presidents

This series accompanies the Public Papers of the Presidents providing a cumulative subject index to each administration.  This series is located at DOCS REF J 82.

 Public Papers of the Presidents

This series is a compilation of the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents and contains speeches, messages, and other public documents.  The series includes the papers of all the presidents from Hoover through the current administration, except Franklin Roosevelt whose papers were privately published.  These volumes can be found at DOCS GS 4.113: and DOCS AE 2.114:

 Presidential Papers available via Library of Congress American Memory Historical Collections

These papers are digitized copies of the original manuscripts. The digital images have been transcribed and are keyword searchable.

 Presidential Libraries

There are libraries and collections for many of the presidents some are part of the National Archives and others are collections found in other libraries or private organizations. Many of the libraries under the National Archives Office of Presidential Libraries have digitized key de-classified documents for access via the Internet.

Papers of Individual Presidents

George Washington

Papers of George Washington                                                   STACKS E 312.72 1987b v.1-8

Index to the George Washington Papers                                     DOCS REF LC 4.7:W 27

 John Adams

Works of John Adams                                                              STACKS E 302 .A263 v.1-10

 Thomas Jefferson

Index to the Thomas Jefferson Papers                                         DOCS REF LC 4.7:J 35

Papers of Thomas Jefferson                                                       STACKS E 302 .J463 v.1-28

James Madison

Papers of James Madison                                                           STACKS E 302 .M19 v.1-17

Index to the James Madison Papers                                             DOCS REF LC 4.7:M 26

 James Monroe

Index to the James Monroe Papers                                              DOCS REF LC 4.7:M 75

James Monroe Papers                                                                MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:M 75-m

 Andrew Jackson

Papers of Andrew Jackson                                                          E 302 .J35 1980

Andrew Jackson Papers                                                              MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:J 13-m

Index to the Andrew Jackson Papers                                            DOCS REF LC 4.7:J 13

Martin Van Buren

Papers                                                                                       MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:V 27

 William H. Harrison

Papers of William Henry Harrison                                                 MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:H 24-m

Index to the William H. Harrison Papers                                         DOCS REF LC 4.7:H 24

 John Tyler

John Tyler Papers                                                                        MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:T 97-m/

Index to the John Tyler Papers                                                      DOCS REF LC 4.7:T 97

 James K. Polk

Correspondence of James K. Polk                                               STACKS E 417 .A4 1969   v. 1-9

James K. Polk Papers                                                                MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:P 75-m

Index to the James K. Polk Papers                                              DOCS REF LC 4.7:P 75

 Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor Papers                                                              MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:T 21-m

Index to the Zachary Taylor Papers                                              DOCS REF LC 4.7:T 21

 Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce Papers                                                                MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:P 61-m

Index to the Franklin Pierce Papers                                              DOCS REF LC 4.7:P 61

 Abraham Lincoln

 Abraham Lincoln Papers                                                           MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:L 63-M

Index to the Abraham Lincoln Papers                                          DOCS REF LC 4.7:L 63

 Andrew Johnson

 Papers of Andrew Johnson                                                        STACKS E 415.6 .J65 1967 v.1-16

Andrew Johnson Papers                                                             MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:J 63-m

Index to the Andrew Johnson Papers                                           DOCS REF LC 4.7:J 63

 Ulysses S. Grant

 Papers of Ulysses S. Grant                                                         STACKS E 660 .G756 1967 v.1-22

Index to the Ulysses S. Grant Papers                                           DOCS REF LC 4.7:G 76

 James A. Garfield

 Index to the James A. Garfield Papers                                         DOCS REF LC 4.7:G 18

 Chester A. Arthur

Chester A. Arthur Papers                                                           MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:Ar 7-m

Index to the Chester A. Arthur Papers                                          DOCS REF LC 4.7:Ar 7

 Grover Cleveland

Index to the Benjamin Harrison Papers                                       DOCS REF LC 4.7:H 24/2

William McKinley

 Index to the William McKinley Papers                                       DOCS REF LC 4.7:M 21

 Theodore Roosevelt

 Works of Theodore Roosevelt                                                  STACKS E 660 .R842 v.1-20

Index to the Theodore Roosevelt Papers                                     DOCS REF LC 4.7:R 67

William H. Taft

 Index to the William Howard Taft Papers                                     DOCS REF LC 4.7:T 12

 Woodrow Wilson

 Papers of Woodrow Wilson                                                       STACKS E 660 .W717 v.1-69

Index to the Woodrow Wilson Papers                                           DOCS REF LC 4.7:W 69

 Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge Papers                                                              MICROFILM DOCS LC 4.7:C 77-M

Index to the Calvin Coolidge Papers                                            DOCS REF LC 4.7:C 77

 Herbert Hoover

Public Papers of the Presidents                                            DOCS GS 4.113:1929-1933

Cumulated Indexes to the Public Papers of the Presidents      DOCS REF J 82 .D5 1979

 Franklin D. Roosevelt

 Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt            STACKS E 806 .R749 1969 v.1-13

 Harry S. Truman

 Public Papers of the Presidents                                           DOCS GS 4.113: 1945 to 1952-53

Cumulated Indexes to the Public Papers of the Presidents      DOCS REF J 82 .D7 1979

 Dwight D. Eisenhower

Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower                                        STACKS E 742.5 .E37 1970

Public Papers of the Presidents                                             DOCS GS 4.113: 1953 to 1960-61

Cumulated Indexes to the Public Papers of the Presidents      DOCS REF J 82 .D8 1978