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ENGL 3316/5334 Poetic Analysis

Research assistance for the Poetic Analysis course focusing on the works of Richard Wilbur

Literary Criticism - Start Here!

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Literature Criticism Online

A search for Richard Wilbur will show the literary criticism articles on the author from the Poetry Criticism series.

Database Search Tips

To begin the search:

1) Type the author's name the search box for the database you want (Wilbur, Richard)

2) Hit enter

Once you are in the database you can be more specific:

1) Formulate a research question (For example: "How does William Shakespeare use A Midsummer Night's Dream to comment on the nature of illusion?"

2) Pull out the main concepts (For example: "William Shakespeare," "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "Illusion")

3) Enter each different conecpt into it's own search box (if there is only one search box you could list all the concepts with the word AND in between each concept).