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COMM 1315 Public Speaking for Lamar University

Some Basic Information

You must cite your sources in your speech and if required, create a bibliography page to give credit to other folks.  I know this sounds stupid but how would you feel if someone stole one of your ideas and made a fortune off of it.  I realize you are not going to make a fortune from your speech but it will definitely lend to your credibility if you tell your audience where your information came from.

Make your professor happy and tell where your information came from even if it is from the web!

APA Format information

Citing Your Sources in Your Speech

Citing Sources in a Speech  from the University of Southern Mississippi Speaking Center

Citing Sources within your Speech  from Bucks County Community College

Citing Sources in Your Speech from Central Michigan University

Free Online Resources for Accurate Citations

Com Dept Academic Integrity information

This document outlines the academic integrity policy for the Communication Department.

Academic Integrity Policy