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COMM 4390: Communication Theory

This guide supports the COMM 4390 Communication Theory course.

Com Theory Websites

A First Look at Communication Theory resources
Theory List that are covered in the textbook
Student Resources based on the textbook

Comm Theories A to Z  a source you can download (it is no longer a living document but the theories have not changed).  It could also suggest a topic!  More info than just a list.

Communication Theory - the websites about all communication theories


When using websites, know where they come from...

Utilize domains to evaluate websites

Knowing what the domains stand for can assist you in your evaluation.  

.gov - Government - indicates that the site is sponsored by federal, state or local government.  The federal government sponsors several educational sites covering many topics from medicine to plants.  The government also has many sites with helpful statistical information.

.edu - Education - indicates that the site is sponsored by an educational institution.  As always, carefully evaluate the information on these pages as individual students and faculty can utilize the space to present a variety of information.  

.org - Organization - usually indicates that the site is sponsored by an organization, but this domain is now available to anyone.  These pages sometimes present useful information but can also be used to persuade and present one side of an issue.  

.com - Company - usually a commercial site that is selling a product or service.