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COMM 4396 Health Communication

This guide will help you find resources you need for research in health communication

Working with your topic

Before you get started,
1.  think about your topic.

What are you looking for?  What are some other terms?  Who are the important players?

2.  think about the assignment.
What am I doing?  a research paper?  a presentation?  how many sources?  what kind?

3.  think about the time factor.
When is it due?  How long I can I put off the inevitable?

Where do i go...

For definitions, names, concepts, ideas - select Background Information on the left

For articles, consumer information - select Databases on the left

For books, government documents, streaming videos - select Library Catalog on the left

For public health information, health promotions, Healthy People - select Government Info on the left

For help with creating resources that people can understand related to health - select Plain Language Resources