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Instruction Services

Our rich collection of interactive tutorials provides valuable information literacy support covering a wide variety of topics.

  • LibWizard tutorials can be tailored to your needs and are customizable with a graded assignment or even a certificate of completion.
  • The Credo Information Literacy - Core is covers fundamental research skills and concepts and is best utilized through blackboard integration in your Blackboard course.  

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Libwizard Tutorials

The Libwizard tutorial platform allows provides localized digital instruction on a variety of library resources and topics including:

  • Searching the library catalog
  • Library Orientation
  • Identifying Scholarly Materials
  • Using Library Databases

These tutorials can be completed for a grade and/or certificate so students can demonstrate their progress to you. 

The gallery below displays a sampling of current tutorials and others can be made upon request to meet your specific information literacy needs.

Tutorials can also be custom made for your research needs!

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What is Credo's Information Literacy–Core?

Credo's Information Literacy–Core is a set of online videos, tutorials, and quizzes covering information literacy. Your library has subscribed to Information Literacy–Core and it is free for you and students to use, on campus or off.

The resource aims to:

  • Help students learn how to find relevant and reliable library and other research materials
  • Formulate appropriate, workable research questions
  • Synthesize what they learn into a final product such as a research paper, including citations that are apt for their field

Wondering how Information Literacy–Core works in real-life classrooms? This brief case study illustrates how Teri Catanio, an instructor and Director of the Career Center at Cairn University, PA, used Information Literacy–Core to increase her students' research and writing abilities. The gains were immediate and persisted long-term, making the professors work easier and the students more successful.

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