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LIT - ENGL 1301

Different Perspectives

The best place to go to discover different points of view on a variety of current and controversial topics is the library's Points of View Reference Center database.  Each entry will provide a wealth of information for your paper including:

  • Topic Overview
  • Point and Counterpoint Section
  • A Guide to Critical Analysis - which will help you think through some of these issues as you research and write your paper

In addition each topic has links for further reading that can support your arguments including:

  • Magazine and Journal Articles
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Selected Book Chapters
  • Biographies of Relevant Individuals
  • Radio & TV News Transcripts
  • Primary Source Documents such as relevant laws or speeches
  • Images
  • Videos

These journals often cover multiples sides of controversial issues.

These are some of the book series the library subscribes to that offer a range of viewpoints on controversial topics.  Click on the links to browse the topics covered in each series or use a keyword search to search for debates on a topic.  

Example: "global warming and opposing viewpoints"

  • Current Controversies
  • Opposing Viewpoints
  • Contemporary World Issues
  • Taking Sides
  • At Issue

Websites which present issues from a variety of perspectives