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A guide to help nursing students find resources for research papers and further study.

Nursing Articles

CINAHL is considered the gold standard database for nursing research.  Start your research there then explore the other databases listed below.

Choosing the right database (or databases) depends on your needs or interests.

  • If you know which database(s) you want or need, you can choose Database List and click on the letter that corresponds to the database name. Then pick the database name.
  • If you know the subject or field of study you need, such as medicine or education, you can choose Database List and then click on the Database List by Subject. The subject areas have the databases appropriate to that field of study.
  • If you know the name of the journal you want to find articles in, then return to the library home page and select Journal Search to see if we have the journal available online in full-text. If we do, then you can search for topics from within that journal.

The following databases may also be useful in nursing research (depending on the research topic)

The links below will either take you directly to the journal or to a display of all the library's various holdings for the journal.

Current print issues are located on the 2nd floor at the reserves desk.  Older issues of print titles are shelved with other books by call number on floors 3-5.

Finding Articles From A Citation

Finding an article is easy when you have the citation!

Sample Citation:

Oliver, S; Hill, J.  Arthritis in the Older Person: Part 2.  Nursing Older People. 2005 July; 17(5): 23-8, 30.

Look for the title of the journal the article comes from (italicized in the above citation).  In this example, the article comes from the journal Nursing Older People.

Once you have this information, go to our library catalog and click on the "journals" tab.  Type the name of the journal into the search box to see if the journal is available in full text at our library.

Don't Forget: If we don't have the item you need, you can request it through interlibrary loan.