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APA Citation Style Guide

Article Examples

Article in a Scholarly Journal (with DOI)

Malley, J. D., & Fletcher, A. (2014). Joint distributions and quantum nonlocal models. Axioms3(2), 166-176. doi:10.3390/axioms3020166

Article in a Scholarly Journal (without DOI)

Sujana, K. K., Prasad, R. V., & Aparna, R. L. (2012). Preliminary screening for H. pyroli in dental plaques. Journal of Pharmacy Research5(8), 4195-4198.

Article in a Magazine (DOI)

Vogel, G. (2014). Infectious diseases: Testing new Ebola tests. Science345(6204), 1549-1550. doi:10.1126/science.345.6204.1549

Article in a Magazine from a Database (No DOI)

Saporito, B. (2010). Yes, soccer is America's game. Time, 175(23), 82-86.

Article with up to 20 Authors (List all) Marschark, M., Leigh, G., Sapere, P., Burnham, D., Convertino, C., Stinson, M., Knoors, H., Vervloed, M.P.J., & Noble, W. (2006). Benefits of sign language interpreting and text alternatives for deaf students' classroom learning. Journal of Deaf Studies & Deaf Education, 11(4), 421-437.

Article in a Newspaper

Fitch, A., Solomon, J., & Mitnick, J. (2014, July 22). U.S. calls for Gaza truce as toll rises. Wall Street Journal, A.1.

Article in a Newspaper (retrieved online)

Singer, N. (2014, August 17). In the sharing economy, workers find both freedom and uncertainty. The New York Times.

A Book review

King, S. (2008). The hunger games. Entertainment Weekly, (1010/1011), 139.


APA citation style requires a DOI for electronic articles.  If your citation doesn't include a DOI you can use to verify a DOI isn't included for your article.  If there is no DOI, include the URL of the Journal's home page (not the article or database URL)

If you have more than one resource by the same author, arrange the items in chronological order beginning with the earliest publication.

If an author is listed as a single author and then also listed as the first author on another work with multiple authors, list the single authorship entries first.

Entries with the same first author but different subsequent authors are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the first different author.