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APA Citation Style Guide


A Title page is required for an APA citation.  

Center align the title of your paper in the upper half of the page. Follow the title with a subtitle, your name, and school as shown below:

Title of Paper:


Your Name

Lamar University


Margins: 1 inch on all sides (left, right, top and bottom).  

To set margins in Microsoft Word 2010:

Select Page Layout > Margins > Normal

Line Spacing: double space all text.

To double space lines in Microsoft Word 2010:

Select Home > Line Spacing Icon > 2.0

Indentation: Indent each paragraph 1/2 an inch.

To indent a paragraph hit the tab button once (under the default Mircosoft Word settings).

Font Size: 12 point font size and (usually) Times New Roman font type

To change font size and type in Microsoft Word 2010:

Home > Font Size > Select 12

Home > Font > Select Times New Roman

Font Selection

On the top of each page, enter your paper's title, then the page number.  

To enter your last name and page number in Microsoft Word 2010:

  1. Click: Insert > Header > Blank
  2. Your cursor will automatically go to the correct location for you to type in your paper's title.
  3. Hit the tab button twice to move your cursor to the proper location for the page numbers
  4. Click: Insert > Current Position>Plain Number
  5. Click anywhere on the body of the paper to exit the page numbering screen.

The References List should always start on a new page.

Title: The title of the page should be centered on a 1" margin from the top of the page.  The title should be References.

Entry Order: Citations should be organized in alphabetical order.  If there is no author for an entry than use the sources title.  If there is more than one source by the same author, organize by publication date (earliest to latest).

Alignment: The first line of each citation should align with the left margin (1" from left side).  Each subsequent line should indent a 1/2" from the first line.

Line Spacing: Double space each line of the works cited page.

For more help, please see the APA Formatting Your Paper guide created by Alexis Carlson at Indian River State College