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Faculty Corner Publications

Welcome to the Mary and John Gray Library Faculty Corner Display

The Mary and John Gray Library is recognizing Lamar University (LU) faculty scholarship in the Faculty Corner Display that highlights published peer-reviewed articles and book chapters from 2019-2021; and books from 2017-2021. The Faculty Corner Display opens on August 16, 2021, in the Gray Library on the first floor.

The Mary and John Gray Library’s faculty and staff have reviewed LU faculty curriculum vitae for published books, peer-reviewed scholarly articles, and book chapters ranging from 2019-2021 to place on display. In spring 2022, we are asking LU faculty to submit their 2019-2022 published peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, works of arts, and book citations to appear in the Faculty Corner Display.

In addition, we encourage LU faculty to donate their recently published books to The Mary and John Gray to expose LU students to their research. Faculty can send their books to the Gray Library - Technical Services via campus mail using P O Box 10021. The donated books will be displayed and made available for check out after processing. If there are additional questions, contact the Reference Department at