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ENGL 3340 - Mythology

Library Tips and Resources for Dr. Amy Smith's ENGL 3340 Course on Mythology

Gray Library Catalog

To find books of criticism on a particular author or work:

1.  Search the library catalog

2.  Select "Subject" from the drop-down box next to the search box.  Because books of criticism on an author are about the author and not by the author, it is best to look at books that use the author as the subject of the work.

Having trouble finding books?  Search WorldCat to look for books from all over the world and then ask for these books to be sent here for you to borrow  via Interlibrary Loan

How to find books

Find Books By Subject

Example Book Search: Find books on "King Arthur's Camelot" 

1. Find books on a specific subject by entering a word or phrase in the library catalog tab search box and selecting subject or subject keywords from the drop down box. NB: If I wanted to find books on King Arthur I would type Arthur, King and select subject from the drop down box

2. You will be given a list of possible subjects.  Click the link to the subject you want to find books on that topic.

3.  Use the books call number to retrieve the book from the shelves and borrow it from the library.

Suggested Subject Terms

Each book in the library is assigned specific subject terms describing the content.  Here is a sampling of various terms related to the study of mythology.  This list is far from exclusive and I recommend you browse the catalog to find more sources.  Find books on a specific subject by enter a subject term in the library catalog tab search box and selecting subject or subject keywords from the drop down box.

  • Myth                                                                                 
  • Mythology
  • Religion
  • Gods
  • Legends
  • Animals, Mythical
  • Geographical Myths
  • Folklore
  • Totemism
  • Ritual
  • Indian Mythology
  • Legends, Jewish
  • Mythology, Celtic
  • Mythology, Chinese
  • Gods, Egyptian
  • Myth in Literature
  • Anansi (Legendary character)

Primary vs Secondary Word Document

While you will be dealing with a lot of primary sources (specific myths and legends) other books and articles which analyze these sources may be helpful as well.  These sources are known as secondary sources becuase they are distanced from the original work/event.  The attached handout provides a more detailed discussion on these differences with some examples.