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ENGL 3340 - Mythology

Library Tips and Resources for Dr. Amy Smith's ENGL 3340 Course on Mythology


The following sites are large collections of other websites related to mythology.  There are a lot of great links here!


These sites deal broadly with mythology in general, provide an overview of world mythologies, and/or include links to digitized primary sources


Websites focusing on myths and legends from various African nations


Myths and Legends of the Americas including Native American, Meso-American and Urban Legends


Links to websites covering mythologies in Asia including Indian, Japanses, and Chinese myths and legends

Evaluating Sources

Many of the sites included here lead to some excellent resources on Mythology.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg! But with so many online resources available it is extremely important to critically evaluate every source you use.  The attachment below gives a nice checklist of things to consider when using a resource.


Websites examining the mythologies of Ancient Greece and Rome


Websites pertaining to Ancient Egyptian mythology


Links to sites dealing with European mythology including Medieval, Celtic, and Scandinavian myths