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ENGL 3340 - Mythology

Library Tips and Resources for Dr. Amy Smith's ENGL 3340 Course on Mythology


1. Start at the library’s home page:

2. Click the "Databases" tab.

3. Click "Subject database listing" to list databases by subject or A-Z database listing to list databases Alphabetically. 

4. Click on the title of the database you want to enter (some suggestions are below).

5. Log in with your LEA username and password.


Humanities Internation Index with Full Text includes many of the most important journals in the humanities (literature, history, philospohy and the arts).

Humanities International Index with Full Text
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The Religion and Philosophy Collection includes many full-text articles covering the areas of both religion and philosophy

Religion and Philosophy Collection
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Academic Search Complete
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Cardinal OneSearch

Go here if you want to search everything the library has (books, articles, etc) in one location.  This database has almost everything but it can be a bit overwhelming.

Cardinal One Search
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Using Subject Terms to Improve Searching

Every item in a library database has specific information tied to it, including specific ways of describing the various topics that it covers.  This is to ensure researchers can find everything on a particular topic solely by using the designated word or phrase.  While this is quite helpful it can also be frustrating when you don't type in the same terms used by the database.  There are several ways you can make this work for you.  The easies is to click on the title of an article you like and look at the subject terms used.  Additionally, almost every database has a central site that lists all the different subject terms it uses.  Here is how you can use this feature to assist your research.

This Example uses Academic Search Complete, but you can follow these steps in just about any library database.

1.  Click the link that says "Subject Terms" normally found at the top of the page.  This heading might be named differently depending on the database.  Common titles include "Subjects," "Thesaurus," and "Subject Headings."

2.  Type in your search terms.  You will then be given a list of terms that are related to your terms and are used by the database.  You can click on any of these terms to get more detailed information.

3.  The information provide includes a definition of the term or phrase, broader ideas encompassing the topic and narrower aspects of the topic.  You can check the box next to any term and click add to add the term to your search box.  Clicking the search box after doing this will perform a search for article on this particular topic.